Product development

In this phase we establish the formulations and ingredients, agree the consistencies and compose the fragrance. In conjunction with our partner firms we produce cosmetics that represent your brand and benefit your customers.


The fragrance is one of the most important criteria in cosmetics development because the fragrance is generally the first impression that the user gets of the product and thus of your brand. And only if something smells good to us will we let it near us. That's why the fragrance is so important for the success of the product.

For our basic products we offer a range of popular fragrances as a ready-made selection. In the case of special developments we consult with our fragrance partners and create your individual fragrance from individual scent


Another important value of a cosmetic product is the feeling and the effect that remains. Only high qualitative formulas achieve a long-term effect and underline the positiv relation to your brand.
In distinctive harmony we develop our cosmetic formulas against high standards, which can bear critical comparison with large and well-known brands at any time.